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Leagues confuse me!

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#1 Rayancaleb

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Отправлено 30 March 2018 - 10:47


The major problem seems to be I can't figure out when to assign something to a league. For example, I follow college baseball. I have set up two leagues, 2018 and SEC-2018. I have assigned every team to 2018 (so I can separate this year from next year) and teams that are in the SEC to SEC-2018 (so i can keep the year separate and look at stats for conference games). I've also assigned each game to one or both of the leagues as appropriate.

When, if ever, do I assign players to leagues (there are about 1,300 players in my data base)? Should they be included in a league, or should the league field be blank - or set to DEFAULT. Do the players inherit the league for their team? Do they inherit it from the game?
I understand the All league, but what is the DEFAULT league?What do I do next year for the players that are returning to get only their 2019 stats and not 2018 and 2019?

And if I need to make massive changes, is there a way to do it easily - i.e. making them by groups or globally without making any required changes to the individual players?I've looked at the manual and at video #4. Is there somewhere else that I can go to so that you will not need to rewrite something that's already out there to answer my question?

Please help

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#2 digitalinfinizy

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