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National League to extend playoff's

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#1 Rayancaleb

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Отправлено 05 May 2018 - 09:51


National League have proposals to extend playoff's to teams finishing 2-7 and play Premier, North & South finals at Wembley on the same day with no extra time. Difficult to follow the proposals in detail as there doesn't seem to be single article and you need to log on to facebook, and although these proposals give advantage to the 2/3 teams it could mean someone gaining promotion after finishing 6 places and 15 or so points behind the 2nd team.Not in agreement with this unless coupled with 3 up / down, but can see it will be attractive to a lot of teams as they see an extra opportunity for promotion, especially if this is combined with doing away with the transfer window and teams can spend short term towards the end of the season to get in the top 7.

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