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Velez Malaga CF football.

05 May 2018 - 09:53


Just before we came home home we needed to go to the Velez and Parked up on the waste ground. I've always been the stadium. Anyway on this day, I was at the game for 10 minutes (very much to OHs disgust) from a vantage point.
The scoreboard said Vel v Mar ........ wonder who Mar are? Does anyone know the status of this club ?, are they like a conference side or a bit higher / lower?

Please help

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Austrian Football Season 2017/18

05 May 2018 - 09:52


with effect of 2018/19 season Austrian Bundesliga will expand to 12 teams. This has been decided last December to give teams that fulfill the requirements for Bundesliga (full professional, suitable infrastructure, financial and sportive considerations) can take part.
Modus: after 22 matchdays and splitting the gained points by half the league will be split in two groups. In the champions group or whatever the name will be the best 6 teams will fight for titel and European spots. There will be 10 games. The winner then will be the champion. In case of same amount of points at the end that team will have the advantage which can "generate" a half point from the splitting, second tiebraker will be goal difference of the whole tournament? I do not know. Romania will certainly help us!
The participants of the qualification group (places 7-12) will play 10 matches as well. Club rankend 12th will relegate to Erste Liga which now will contain 16 clubs (previous 10). For these clubs different kind of requirements will come into effect, they can be everything from professional, semi professional and amateur. Likely teams from 3rd level (3 groups of Regionalliga) which will promote will be amateur teams.
The winner of this qualification group will then play against 3rd or 4th (depends how many teams AUT can send to Europe) in one match at home. The winner of this tie will then play home and away against the better ranked team from champions group likely 3rd placed team (if AUT can send only 4 teams to Europe). The winner will play EL. It is similar to Belgium and Netherland.

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National League to extend playoff's

05 May 2018 - 09:51


National League have proposals to extend playoff's to teams finishing 2-7 and play Premier, North & South finals at Wembley on the same day with no extra time. Difficult to follow the proposals in detail as there doesn't seem to be single article and you need to log on to facebook, and although these proposals give advantage to the 2/3 teams it could mean someone gaining promotion after finishing 6 places and 15 or so points behind the 2nd team.Not in agreement with this unless coupled with 3 up / down, but can see it will be attractive to a lot of teams as they see an extra opportunity for promotion, especially if this is combined with doing away with the transfer window and teams can spend short term towards the end of the season to get in the top 7.

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Downfall of Portuguese football League

05 May 2018 - 09:50


The only reason Portugal has had moderate success the last 15 years, is the influx of South American players. Nothing wrong with that, but if you see what happens in Africa and South America to those youngsters, you'll understand why FIFA/UEFA is anti-TPO. Yes, the world is full of inequality.So to control this global trend of human trafficking, regulation is needed. Neither FFP and TPO will "level playing field"; it's just brings some common sense, dignity and integrity. Remember that the fight against TPO, brings transparency to football and the world; no more shady off-shore company in Malta, no more untraceable flow of money through Switzerland and the Bahama's and no more hiding ownership in Panama.Players should be free; not shady traffickers. I call Porto and Benfica shady because of all the money vanishing out of football whenever they transfer players, including unkown side contracts hiding real ownership. Or do you like betting-companies owning players?

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The Most Active league you'll find.

17 April 2018 - 16:01


After 5 incredible seasons our club has decided to expand to include a Minor League which will double as a proving ground for those hoping to be promoted to our main league. The Minor League will be a startup in 2017 so this is the perfect time to jump in.We are looking for the sickest 1% of fantasy owners out there. If you know someone in your league that's crazy active...point that guy/gal towards this ad. If you're the craziest person you know...stop playing with inactive amateurs and come find paradise.Most of our owners quickly start dumping leagues after submersing themselves here. Why play in a bunch of average leagues where winning means very little based on the lack of competition when you can focus your time and effort in a league that gives a damn and will acknowledge your accomplishments better than any out there?

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