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Velez Malaga CF football.

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#1 Rayancaleb

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Отправлено 17 April 2018 - 15:58


Just before we came home we needed to go to Velez and parked up on the waste ground by the football stadium. I've always though the stadium was a great little set up and wondered what sort of standard the club were. Anyway on this day a match was about to kick off and it surprised me the amount of speccies there, the bar nearby was packed and I'd say there was over a 1000 watching.I had a look at the game for 10 minutes (much to OHs disgust) from a vantage point outside the ground and the quality looked very good in all honesty.
The scoreboard said Vel v Mar........wonder who Mar are?Does anyone know the status of this club?, are they like a conference side or a bit higher/lower?

Please help

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